Rebuild update – Clutch

The mini is still with Cyclone Motorsport in Wickford but the delay has simply been waiting on news from another firm that are sorting the crank out. It looks like we may have The PunishR back on the road by the end of the month which would be brilliant as there are a couple of shows still to go in the calendar.


Toady has been a flurry of deliveries of other parts for the mini too. I can’t recommend DPD any more highly than this. They have easily the best delivery service going and because of them we now have a clutch ready to go into the mini.

It was a no brainer to replace the clutch whilst the engine is out. An Exedy Stage 1 Competition Clutch replaces the Exedy clutch that was previously fitted and near the end of its life anyway.


Out of the box this piece of kit looks like this:

Also delivered today was a deep dish steering wheel. This means I’m not driving with my knees and with a wider circumference not having to constantly correct direction changes as violently; hopefully!

I like the detail of the blue stitching and centre mark which will match the carpets that Lee’s Trim Shop are working on to be fitted later this month.


Other parts that turned up today include replacement black trim for the chrome that is fitted in the front and rear screens and black bezels for the wipers to sit on at the front.

Left on the to do list now is for the perspex window that rested over the engine to be replaced with aluminium and sound deadened. This will then be carpeted to match the rest of the car by Lee’s Trim Shop. Also I am trying to source a rear window louvre to take the attention away from the ventilation holes so the rear of the mini will look more like this:


Worse case scenario is to order one form Mini-Spares but if any of you Mini pals know of one that needs a new home please holla!

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