Mini update – rebuild time!

The Mini has had a bit of an expensive Summer this year.

With a full colour change respray in late Spring from black to the new BMW M series gun metal grey, the Mini was only on the road for a few weekends before a rattle began to develop on the engine.

The guys at Cyclone Motorsport in Wickford have really pulled out the stops and have helped identify just why the Mini is so rapid.

The engine is currently disassembled and waiting for a replacement bottom end bearing. The journey to this point though has allowed us to see just what was bolted into the boot of the beast. We have confirmation of an uprated crank. The K20A2 engine is fitted with an aftermarket baffle sump to aid with oil pressure around corners.

The gearbox appears to be from an Integra or an Accord (The chaps are still having a look to see which – anyone with any tips?) but is fitted with a limited slip differential.  Did the K20A2 ever come with a LSD standard?

Whilst the engine is out the guys at Cyclone Motorsport are changing the cam belt and clutch before making some changes to the coolant system reservoir.  This is was fitted quite high above the engine to help with clearing air blockages from the system which can be a bit of a fiasco due to the set up and sheer distance covered by the system running from the front of the car and back to the rear.

Once this reservoir is lowered it means that we can ditch the perspex cover over the engine and fit an aluminium sheet allowing more sound and heat deadening.  I’ve taken other steps to make the car look less crazy by removing the air in-takes from the rear windows to replace them with just perspex for a more standard look.  A cold air duct has been added under the car to ensure enough air flow to the throttle bodies.

All that is left now is for the mechanicals to be refitted and then it is back to the remaining cosmetics to be finished:

  • External Roof Scoop fitted and painted.
  • Internal Roof Scoop mated to Austin Mini ducts for a more OEM look
  • Painting of arches – undecided on colour code or black
  • Fitting of The Punisher roof emblem
  • Fitting of stereo and hiding of cabling.
  • Re-carpeting the interior and bulkhead change.
  • Wipers refitted
  • Windscreen and Rear screen rubbers replaced

My fingers are crossed that we will still be able to attend more meetings and shows this season before the year is out and the evenings become dark again.  It isn’t long until the transition from “that little fast black mini” to the fully fledged #PUNISHER that was in my mind earlier this year!

What do you think?

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