PUNISHR Update: Audio Plans & Ordering Schizzle

Everything has now arrived in the post that I have been needing to drop off to Cyclone Motorsport in Wickford who are doing the engine rebuild and some other works on the mini.  Today a key ring turned up.  I like a bit of accessorising!

After a brief hunt around for an Autoplas Rear Window Louvre to hide the rear windscreens ventilation holes I decided to get shot of that idea and contact ABS MotorSport.  10 minutes later and a quick chat with Tony coupled with the discount provided by the Essex Mini Club we now have in the post their own take on the retro back window slats.  The rear window of the PUNISHR is made of perspex so ABS MotorSport are sending a slightly larger version of their rear window louvre – basically untrimmed once it is popped out of the mold – so we have plenty of room to play with when it comes to bonding/fixing into place.


In other news I am now starting to make plans to put holes into the dashboard to pop some front speakers in.  It would be rude not to take advantage of all that Dynamat that has been fitted!  I’ve been recommended Safe’n’Sound in Benfleet but if anyone else has recommendations within the Essex area I’d love to hear from you.  I am doing the lazy option of wandering in, pointing at some bits on the wall and having them fitted on site rather than pulling wires left right and centre.  Do you have any recommendations on component speakers that would be comfortable running direct from a head unit?

Otherwise here are some snaps of the dashboard and a gaping hole where the engine once used to be!







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