The Fappening – The Week of the Celebrity Nudes

What is it?

The last weekend of August 2014 saw an influx of explicit photos of famous people find their way on to the internet.  The internet being the place that it is went crazy with some trying to find more, others asking how and many condoning the breach of privacy.  The Fappening as it has been named by the masses is the result.

Fap is an internet neologism, an onomatopoeic intransitive verb referring to the act of male masturbation, whose sound is imitative of the associated slapping of testicles against the body.

Happening an event or occurrence.
“altogether it was an eerie happening”
synonyms: occurrence, event, incident, scene, affair, circumstance, phenomenon, episode, adventure, experience, occasion, action, activity, development, eventuality, accident, case, business, thing
“he was a witness to these bizarre happenings”

There are ways to start Autumn and find an alternative positive way to proclaim Summer over.  With Summer over there is no need to go outside any more.  Need an excuse to stay in?  You’ve probably seen in the news that:


Sarcasm to one side, you’re probably wondering which celebrities the internet now has proof of that are just like us.  There has been a list thrown around of 101 celebrities of which photos are being released of them in various states of undress and engaging in completely normal stuff that readers of the Daily Mail find gross and sticky.  Here is the list of alleged victims of this current leak and although this list is vast the actual number of celebrities who have photos of them on the net is a lot smaller:

  1. AJ Michalka, American actress, singer-songwriter, and musician
  2. Alyson ‘Aly’ Michalka, AJ’s sister, also an American actress
  3. Allegra Carpenter, actress, best known for The Fault In Our Stars
  4. Abigail Spencer, American actress
  5. Alana Blanchard, American professional surfer and bikini model
  6. Alexa Jane, model
  7. Angelina McCoy, actress, best known for Enchanted
  8. Anna O’Neill
  9. Ashley Blankenship, actress, appeared in The Wolf Of Wall Street
  10. Aubrey Plaza, American actress and comedian
  11. Abigail ‘Abby’ Elliott, American actress, voice actress and comedian
  12. AnnaLynne McCord, actress and model
  13. Avril Lavigne, Canadian singer-songwriter
  14. Amber Heard, American actress and model
  15. Rebecca ‘Becca’ Tobin, actress, singer, and dancer
  16. Brie Larson, American actress, screenwriter, director and singer
  17. Brittany Booker
  18. Candace Smith, American lawyer, actress, model, and beauty queen
  19. Candice Swanepoel, South African fashion model, best known for her work with Victoria’s Secret
  20. Cara Delevingne, English fashion model
  21. Carley Pope, Canadian actress
  22. Carmella Carcia
  23. Carrie Michalka
  24. Cat Deeley, English television presenter, actress, singer and model
  25. Carly Foulkes, Canadian model and actress
  26. Chloe Dykstra, actress and model
  27. Clare Bowen, Australian actress and singer
  28. Dove Cameron, 18-year-old U.S. actress and singer
  29. Elena Satine, Georgian-American actress and singer
  30. Elle Evans, American model and actress
  31. Ellenore Scott
  32. Emily Browning, Australian film actress and singer
  33. Emily DiDonato, model from New York
  34. Emily Ratajkowski, British-born model and actress
  35. Erin Cummings, American actress
  36. Erin Heatherton, American fashion model and actress
  37. Farrah Abraham, TV personality, author and pornographic actress
  38. Gabrielle Union, American actress and former model
  39. Gabi Grecko
  40. Hayden Panettiere, U.S. actress, model and singer
  41. Hope Solo, American goalkeeper and two-time Olympic gold medalist
  42. Heather Marks, Canadian model
  43. Hilary Duff, American actress and singer-songwriter
  44. Jacqueline Dunford
  45. Janelle Ginestra
  46. Jennifer Lawrence, American actress
  47. Jessiqa Pace
  48. Jessica Dunford
  49. Jessica Riccardi, model
  50. Jesse Golden
  51. JoJo, American singer, songwriter and actress
  52. Joanna Krupa, Polish American model and actress
  53. Jennifer ‘Jenny’ McCarthy, American model and actress
  54. Josie Loren, U.S. actress
  55. Joy Corrigan
  56. Kaley Cuoco, American actress
  57. Kaime O’Teter
  58. Kate Upton, American model and actress
  59. Kate Bosworth, American actress
  60. Kelly Brook, English model, actress and TV presenter
  61. Lauren ‘Keke’ Palmer, American actress and singer-songwriter
  62. Kim West, American TV personality socialite
  63. Kirsten Dunst, American actress, singer, model and director
  64. Krysten Ritter, U.S. actress, musician, and former model
  65. Lake Bell, American actress
  66. Laura Ramsey, film and television actress
  67. Lea Michele, actress and singer, best known for her performance as Rachel Berry on the Fox TV series Glee
  68. Leelee Sobieski, actress
  69. Leven Rambin, American actress
  70. Lisa Kelly, American trucker who appeared in Ice Road Truckers
  71. Lisalla Montenegro, Brazilian model
  72. Lindsay Clubine
  73. Lizzy Caplan, American actress
  74. Mary-Kate Olsen, American actress and fashion designer
  75. Mary Elizabeth Winstead, actress and recording artist
  76. McKayla Maroney, artistic gymnast
  77. Melissa Benoist, American actress and singer
  78. Meagan Good, actress
  79. Megan Boone, actress
  80. Michelle Keegan, English actress, best known for playing the role of Tina McIntyre in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street
  81. Mikayla Pierce
  82. Misty Treanor, retired American beach volleyball player
  83. Nina Stavris
  84. Rachel Nichols, American actress and model
  85. Rihanna, singer
  86. Sarah Shahi, American actress
  87. Sahara Ray
  88. Sarah Schneider, American writer, actress, and comedian
  89. ScarJo (possibly Scarlett Johansson, actress)
  90. Selena Gomez, American actress and singer
  91. Shannon McNally, singer-songwriter
  92. Tameka Jacobs
  93. Teresa Palmer, Australian actress and model
  94. Uldouz
  95. Vanessa Hudgens, American actress and singer
  96. Victoria Justice, Nickelodeon actress
  97. Wailana Geisen
  98. Winona Ryder, American actress
  99. Yvonne Strahovski, Australian actress
  100. Alison Brie (U.S. actress)
  101. Dave Franco (U.S. actor)

Yeah, it is a massive list and with my knowledge of celebrities I’ll put my hands up and say I’ll just have to believe them when people say they are famous.


The images are getting deleted as fast as they are uploaded. It appears 4Chan was the first place that the public uploads began.  These were then uploaded by Twitter users whom were then receiving bans across the social network.

As more and more people began searching for them it became inevitable that somewhere would start pulling together all the leaks into one place.   Many users on Reddit started compiling the photos into some sort of order whilst waiting for more to arrive.  This section of Reddit which didn’t exists a couple of weeks ago has now been visiting more than their most popular section.  There’s no point me not linking to them as I’m going to assume the majority of those finding this article on Google are here just for them.

This is the link most of you have been looking for:

How did thE FAPPENING happen?

There is a part of the internet that the majority of users never venture on to.  It is known as the dark or deep web.  Basically it is anything that requires either a different type of connection to access or doesn’t utilise the regular domain system to access.  The software to access these sites is free so it isn’t that difficult to get yourself on there but what you have to ask yourself is “Do I want to bother?”

It is slow, purposely difficult to navigate and most of the time everything on there can be found easily on Google.  I say most of the time.  For that slither of stuff that you can’t get on the regular internet you’ll more than likely find it isn’t worth the prison time reward for locating it.  Think of the film 8mm for inspiration:

The deep web hosts hordes of information and you’ll read that you can get anything from there.  From drugs to weapons to assassins, the deep web has them all.  This concept isn’t anything new though.  You can go into a pub on a Friday night and with enough amber fuel usually find the same things on offer depending on whether the locals are ordering wines or lighting shots by the bar and making regular trips to the toilet for their “runny noses”.  I’ve found the biggest clue is check for paint on tracksuit bottoms.  There is a direct ratio on Number of patrons with decorator tracksuits to the likelihood that illicit materials can be purchased within the premises or in an ally very near by.  This is the real black market that operates right in front of us.  The deep web is just a digital black market.

So the deep web is basically you’re typical dodgy pub with a lot of offers but usually few actually taking any of them up.  It is normally all front or alcohol fuelled stories of confidence.  Here is an extremely disturbing example of such a tale that I don’t recommend reading that has since been proven to just be a fantasy story.  Still someone thought it up.

Let us get back on track; celebrity nude photos.  Rumours have surfaced that this latest release of snaps have come from one source and that the hacker involved worked on his own to obtain them from iCloud.

This is bollocks.

Who still collects stickers? Exactly.

Just like how you build you collection of football stickers or POGs or Pokemon or Digimon or whatever you collect, you have to trade to get closer to a full collection.  The rules of trading require at least two parties.  The best collections then have to include multiple other people involved if you are going to grow your collection.  With a digital trading systems you don’t lose your original POG or Mighty Max or whatever as you are sending copies.  Both parties’ collections grow.  Most importantly, it takes time for these collections to become of any size.  We have to assume that a lot of these photos were obtained further afield in the past than just one hacker which was able to locate 101 iCloud accounts and the information within them.  Apple have released a statement about their systems have not in fact been breached.

Here was the clue:

The creepy effort isn’t that something deleted was recovered but that the hack was made a long time ago and they had been kept a secret since then.

So there are multiple sources for all of these photos but it only requires one person to have amassed his collection to 101 celebrities to start releasing them in the style that has been unfolding.  Reports are suggesting that the website that was the true source for all the images are that of Anon.IB although rumours were rampant that 4Chan was the original birthing pool for this escapade.  4chan has been just as intrigued to find out the sources too:

The original source in my definition is the person(s) who took the photos from their original owners.  Whether this be from iCloud or more likely a friend or worker close to these celebrities who has stolen them in the past and shared them in a small circle that has then leaked further.  They probably had no intentions for them to end up in the public domain but hey ho shit happens.

This brings flashbacks to the story of Abi Titmus and John Leslie when the boyfriend of the girl in their sextape sold on the footage 4 years later.  The tape wasn’t stolen the day before and then immediately released.  He played a waiting game wanting money for the footage.  The creepy ring of traders have been doing the same thing with celebrity nude photos.  They keep their collection to themselves and only trade for what they do not have.  They trade in tits, ass and bitcoin.

THe Outcum of the fappening

There has been a lot of slamming against the release of the photos from everyone and of course the privacy concerns it has raised.  Are you safe on line? The majority of the time yes.  Should you be worried about where your photos end up? Of course.

There was a backlash where 4chan started a trending hashtag #LeakforJLaw resulting in a large number of ladies stripping naked in support of Jennifer Lawrence.  Hats off to the prank it certainly improved Twitter for a day.

Jennifer Lawrence has also asked folks to instead donate to the Prostate Cancer Foundation which has resulted in a substantial amount of money being raised [Update 3/9/2014 – The donations have been refunded]

Unfortunately though the uploaders of the original leaks have sent statements out that there will be more photos appearing over the coming days and weeks.  Do people care? If you do care then why?  Celebrities are just people we recognise.  Sure people fantasise about meeting them but that’s all you’ll get out of a fantasy; a dream.  (Plus there is definitely a link between why celebrities don’t want their topless pictures out in the open and how good their boobs actually look. Sorry Cat).

It might be time to start putting some effort in and working on chatting to some real life girls – not the ones doing the decorating down the pub offering you something in a pouch to sniff.  Instead, maybe its time we leave the internet to implode and use our new found energy to something better:

If you haven’t got a dog then what I mean is “Stop wanking and get a girlfriend.  They are a better conversationalist than pictures and fantasies.  They touch back for one.” I’m having to follow my own advice here being single but we can learn together.


How do you prevent this then?  I only have one solution that so far has proved successful:


How do we prevent this as a society?  For one nudity shouldn’t be a taboo. A music festival with a nude theme would go down well too. A Nudesic Festival.  I’m copyrighting that now.  And it should be on the beach.  If it has been done before then I god damn hope someone has filmed it.  I’m now realising the hypocrisy of my own self.  Shit. Better leave on something inspirational:

See, nudity is awesome but only when everyone is cool with it.  I’m cool with it.  Are you?

What do you think?

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