The Man from Elevenerife

Everyone knows a guy who has done everything better than you, your friends, the world.  Everyone knows how impossible it is to chase the facts out of the tall tale.  Here is my favourite in a while to have found on the internet:

I know a guy who runs a printing and sign business. He has been claiming he is getting a range rover for over 10years that I’ve known/known of him.

He went on holiday to Dubai and claimed someone fell into a water tank at the aquarium with a shark.
She was really fit so he jumped in to save her and strangled a shark with an eel.

Once he said no one would fight him in his home town of sandbach because he was so feared and notorious. To keep on top of his ultra bad persona he then had to show his strength. He knocked out a cow by kicking it in
The balls.

When putting up signs at Knowsley Safari park he was given closed access to the park. Using an l200 truck he was
Doing a few drifts and managed to drift it into a penguin. Chucked the penguin in the back and put it in a bin on the way home.

Loves pretending he is ‘dodgy’ and likes to give the impression he is a drug dealer. Told the wrong person and the police raided his house

What do you think?

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