Ramsden Bellhouse for Independence

Those in Scotland are voting YES to receive more relevant power for themselves.

Those voting NO believe that everything is rosey.

Scotland doesn’t have a currency deal in place nor a plan on how they will trade within the EU.

If Scotland goes independent then what does that mean for the rest of the UK? Why does it matter?

Do we not instead take inspiration from this? Surely we only need a government to make sure we as a collective are represented?

We live in a modern world where conversations across continents can occur with eye contact via technological means. One can Skype or FaceTime or simply message. Why are we then relying on such an outdated system to run our country?

Empires died out because local power took over. We became countries. Is it now time for countries to die out for us to become counties. Let’s accelerate this so those counties disappear to make way for boroughs. Boroughs are just geographical gangs of similar accents. Let’s get really independent. Let’s become individuals. We are humans after all.

We once needed “The Grid” to ensure our survival. The grid gives us access to power, water, sewage, refuse collection, internets, travel and our favourite one; taxes. The powers to be tell us that being part of The Grid requires having an army to “defend our borders”.

When did our borders reside in Afghanistan or Syria or Iraq? Are we being told our borders are there because the reach of these “problematic states” can be found in our own backyards?

I live in a small village in the heart of Essex. We don’t have an airport in our village. We don’t have a petrol station. We don’t have a high unemployment rate. We don’t have a problem with heroin. We don’t have council housing.
Why are we in our village paying for any of these issues with our taxes?

We have been riding a trend of watching folk from that London town pop up and buy all our bungalows. They come over here buying our bungalows on their small plots of lands and demolish them. With their London money they have been turning our once idillic village into a Mayfair inspired over sized property haven.

Are people in the village concerned? No one knows.
Seriously, nobody in Ramsden Bellhouse knows their neighbours. We recently all met in the village hall to listen to the council tell us what was going to change in Ramsden Bellhouse with regards to housing.

We live in Ramsden Bellhouse. What do the people at Essex County Council know about Ramsden Bellhouse? Why should we let them do anything without us having a vote?

We may shop at the same places. We may have the same currency in our pockets but we aren’t the same people.

I’m all for Scottish Independence. We have to light the blue touch paper of individualism at some point. Now seems a good time while everyone else gears up for a Third World War.

With Scotland Independent, Ramsden Bellhouse has a path less dusty and more paved to make its moves too towards making its own decisions.

We don’t identify with the rest of Essex. Those that do can move out of Ramsden Bellhouse.

They can move to Ramsden Heath with all the problems that the Heath Massive have to deal with. They can have their tennis courts. They can have their wine bar pub. They can have their school.

We have Hemmings, a small shop that opens earlier than anyone wakes and stays open later than anyone needs any milk but only on the days you’ve forgotten. We have the village hall.

We have an identity. There are many places that look the same. Did they choose that or did the state when they made up these “New Towns”? I’m looking at you Milton Keynes. I’m looking at you Basildon.

Until we stop competing all we are doing is holding everyone else back as a whole.


Until there are no countries there will be wars. Until everyone agrees to disagree without hate powered anger and violence we are constrained to fear. One individual lives in one moment in one location. We don’t have the power to be omnipresent so why do groups form that want to impose virtues on areas beyond their own experience bubble?

A world with fear is a world with limits.

Break the business model.
Pull down the system.

But do it gently. We haven’t decided on our flag yet.

Ramsden Bellhouse for Independence.

We have a flower show too.

Please visit Ramsden Bellhouse. Our oil reserves are running out now Billericay has built a big speed bump around the BP garage. None of our Ferraris can get in. It’s a sad time.

If only money didn’t exist so all of us, every single one of us could be truly free.

What do you think?

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