How to make the 1980s savagely sexy

I love a genre crossover and this is champagne and strawberries to my ears! Jazz has recently become a great pacer for me recently. It had made the difference between me scoffing down experiences and taking my time to really savour those special moments.

It allows one to wind down and appreciate the finer details.

Now I love the music of the 80s. It’s been a massive influence on the music I play and the tracks i enjoy whether it be at a house party or behind the decks to a crowded nightclub.

Combined with jazz though? Does it work? Oh yes!

For that instant instinct feeling of sophistication:
Grab some wine.
Find that suit.
Ask that one you’ve been thinking about actually over.
Cook some food.
Assume James Bond levels of coolness.
Press play and watch everything fall into place.

Protip: It’s also fun guessing the original 80s tracks as they play – brilliant ice breaker! Also this is the perfect bath accompaniment.

Photography is from my portfolio.

What do you think?

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